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xx Staff group icons are working
April 12, 2008, 09:19:43 pm by legend 1234

heyy every1

well i finall got staff icons working

aswell as members groups working

and even posts working lol

heres they are:

thanks legend 1234

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xx xxownxx chatbox tab ! please read
April 05, 2008, 03:47:00 am by legend 1234


ok finally it is here

the chatbox tab works

i finally figured out how to get the chatbox in there ( working ) lol

ok so the chatbox is now located in the chatbox tab

and not on the forums board


legend 1234

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xx Alot MORE updates :) 3/4/08
April 03, 2008, 03:52:27 am by legend 1234

haha heyy every1

well as you may notice i have done alot more updates for all of you

here they are=



ok i have added a shop you cna find it at the shop tab

here u can buy stuff to make it funner for u lol

u can buy vip status u can buy affiliates or swap affiliates and ill add more stuff later

also u can find out information by clciking the shop tab and i addd information there

TO BUY STUFF: click the buy button - it will then go to a pm to me

click send and it will be sent to me the item u wish to buy

you will only get the item if u have enough money

each post gets u $5

ALSO TO GO WITH THIS UPDATE: i will add a shop board were u can discuss the shop and tell us wat items should be added and stuff



FOR ADMINS: well admins u may notice i added admin quickies coz i was sick of having to go through the long process of getting to headers and footers

FOR EVERY1:  you may notice down the bottom there is a make xxownxx home page button by lcicking it you cna set this forum to your home page :p

2) down the bottom i have changed the affiliate version there is now our code on the side so u cna add it to your forums and hopefully get us more members

3) I have also added a clickable news box - so i will post important news things there

4) i have finally fixed the sig up the top so it now goes at the very top and is now smaller and fits good Tongue

5) i have moved the member legend from the very bottom to under the users online at the main forum boards

thanks legend 1234

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